Our Services: Online Tax Accountant

Form Based Tax preparation

This option allows you to fill in a form to send us your tax information using  our specially created dynamic Tax Information Forms.. These Dynamic Forms use a Question & Answer format & allows you to include Attachments. We included a Text, Video/ Audio format based Help feature 

Online Tax Preparation

This option is what sets us apart.... a personal one-on-one Live meeting to prepare your tax return together with me.The ability to see the tax results on your device in the meeting &  ensures you don't miss out on a Tax claim & so get the Bigger Tax refund. It is the online version of seeing an Accountant in their office.

Online diary set Meetings

This Diary Feature allows the meeting to be made by clients. It shows my availability & clients select the time best suited. Once confirmed in the email, clients can use my specially integrated Ditrect upload technology to upload Documents & Questions for the meeting at any time before the meeting

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